Once upon a time.. Late November of 1991 to be exact, in the thriving town of Liverpool - I was born. Throughout the little adventure that is my life, I began to realise my love for all things creative. I began to draw at a very early age, and found that I tend to like to lose myself within my mind. Thus throwing me into a world of opportunity, and imagination..
So here I am!



print design

Websites or digital designs, I can create seamless and responsive websites, or digital assets tailor made to you.

To give your brand it's own look, and ensure your designs are consistent across all media. I can create your corporate identity and branding.

Anything from posters and flyers to boards and banners..

the sky is the limit!

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I'm Katie ..

Based in Liverpool, UK

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My name is Katie Allan.

Born and raised in the

glorious Liverpool, UK.


I'm a Graphic Designer, working at LWV Printworks.


A girl with a crazy passion for branding, art and design.